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Private Lessons

Private piano lessons are often given too early to young children. I can not recount how many times a parent has told me that they were forced to take private lessons when they were young, only to give up playing shortly thereafter. Only now, having the benefit of an adult perspective, do they wish they had continued.

In order to deal with the reality of private lessons, a student needs to be ready. Readiness is not just about ability or precociousness. Readiness is also about maturity, commitment, and discipline. It is often very difficult for a child who is less than 9 or 10 years of age to handle the psychologically daunting reality of having a half hour critique of their playing.

For this reason, I always like to start students in a group situation and then assess them, individually, as to their readiness for private lessons. I have had great success with this method. The transitions are seamless and the students don't lose their enthusiasm for the lessons. I find it vital to look at each child separately so that I can sense when they are ready. All of my private students have graduated from the                                             group classes when I deem it in their best interest to do so. Some have played at Carnegie Hall, some at Lincoln Center, many play in their schools and win competitions. All of them LOVE music!



The ABRSM International Exams are given twice a year. Mastery of each level requires intense preparation. For those private students wishing to take the exams, I offer a 4 month prep course.

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