Piano Classes For Children

La Petite Musique is an  early childhood music program for children 4 years of age and older, accompanied by their parents.


This critically acclaimed program was established with the earliest beginner in mind. Offering a perfect transition from toddler music programs, La Petite Musique  provides students with the fundamentals of musical education while teaching them to play piano. With their parents attending the class in order to offer support and reinforcement at home, the children receive the added benefit of spending quality time with their moms and dads.

The program includes:

   Ear Training

   Solfege Singing

   Individual keyboards

   Note Reading

   Rhythm Reading

   Percussion Ensemble

   Two Recitals


Tuition and Fees (Level One)

Contact us for details on tuition and fees. La Petite Musique offers a 10% discount for siblings. Students may attend more than one class per week with no additional charge as long as the instructor is notified beforehand.

Please note that ALL students who have registered for the program have a one month grace period in which they can withdraw from the program with no financial penalty.


Free Demo Classes

In an effort to demonstrate the program and determine whether it is a good match for your child, we offer free demo classes.



For children 4 years and older, this ground-breaking class combines ear training, solfege singing, note reading, rhythm reading, percussion ensembles, and keyboards to give your child a foundation in music and a mastery of the piano.

Over 2,000 students have gone through the program with tremendous success, running the gamut from performances at Carnegie Hall to improvement in self confidence and ability to focus. Most importantly, the program instills a love of music in the students that will infinitely enrich their lives!

Reservations required! Call or email now!

(for children ages 4 years and up, accompanied by an adult)


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