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La Petite Musique School is an establishment dedicated to introducing music into the lives of young children. It is our goal to provide a sound musical foundation as well as to instill a love of the discipline. Our students begin at ages 4-6. We are located in Marlboro, New Jersey.

La Petite Musique, our signature program, draws upon the auditory and copying skills of young children to internalize the principles of a sound musical education. Keyboards are used in the class to further implement what the children learn, thus leading to their proficiency in playing the piano.

The foundation they receive, however, enhances their total musicianship. Many of our students not only play the piano but have mastered other instruments as well. As is true of most skills, the earlier a child is exposed to music, the more easily they will integrate it naturally into their lives. Music addresses the needs of all children, those who are gifted as well as those who are challenged.

In an effort to illustrate the huge impact music has in the world, we try,in many ways, to have our students "give" their music to others in the community. Our students have been involved in a mentoring program in Red Bank.  The student mentors each worked with an individual child. This  exponentially boosted the learning curve of the Red Bank students, reinforced the musical tenets in the mentors themselves, and  gave all the children involved an opportunity to make and keep new friends.

In the coming semester we will be bringing our music to Sunrise Assisted Living on Route 79, as well as to other elderly care facilities. We will give our “gift” of music to the patrons in the hope of bringing joy to their lives . . . and to our own as well.

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