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"I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy . . . but most importantly . . . music. The patterns in music  - and all the arts - are the keys to learning."

Plato, Greek philosopher 

jack the pianist

"You know the only thing that makes me think good thoughts when I'm sad? Music. Seriously . . . I'm not kidding."

Olivia Loyal Narang, 6 year old La Petite Musique student

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For children 4 years and older, this ground-breaking class combines ear training, solfege singing, note reading, rhythm reading, percussion ensembles, and keyboards to give your child a foundation in music and a mastery of the piano.

Over 2,000 students have gone through the program with tremendous success, running the gamut from performances at Carnegie Hall to improvement in self confidence and ability to focus. Most importantly, the program instills a love of music in the students that will infinitely enrich their lives!


La Petite Musique School 

(at The Marlboro Montessori Academy) 





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